2015  Series

Robertson's Arena, Galena, MO
1308 Pleasant Valley Drive, Galena, MO 65656
ClassesCostPayout %

Open$20 per ride55%
1+ Sort  $15 per ride50%
Mixed(male/female)   $20 per ride55%
7 Sort    $20 per ride55%
5 Sort    $20 per ride55%

$10 day fee per rider at each show
No membership fee
$2 per team from entry fee held out for finals.
Rider must attend 50% of shows to qualify for added money at our finals show.


3/28Sayle and Robertson 10:00amRobertson's Arena
5/2  Sayle and Robertson 10:00amRobertson's Arena
5/30Sayle and Robertson 10:00am     Robertson's  Arena
6/27Sayle and Robertson 10:00am    Robertson's Arena
7/11Sayle and Robertson 10:00amRobertson's Arena
Fall schedule will be updated at a later date
MOTPA (Missouri Team Penning) shows scheduled

2/28  Sayle and Robertson11:00am      Marshfield, MO
4/4    Sayle and Robertson10:00am     Robertson's Arena
6/6    Sayle and Robertson10:00pmRobertson's Arena